In the autumn, we left our lantern on the front step. It was an invitation, and the moths slowly gathered in the light. One by one, you brought offerings: a palm full of water, a bite mark, a partially grated carrot, an old angel’s clothes. We gathered these alms and assembled an altar. Something we can gather around, something we can examine together. 

It is an honor to present the first issue of Pink Moth. We are proud of what we created, of the small corner of the internet we’ve carved out. Already, it is full of gifts, blessings, spells and charms. 

With your help, we created a record of the autumn of 2022. The pieces in this issue grasp the beat we were all dancing to in the final months of the year. We invite you to join us in the lamplight and dwell in those vibrations. 

We give special thanks to Sarah Letscher for designing this issue’s cover, and Peter Breen VanKoughnett for constructing our website. 

The Pink Moth Editors

Gray Trees

All the gray trees Dead Deer- Road Kill. Pop a Hyat in the middle! All the...