When we last met, the final gray leaves had dropped to the ground. Since then, heaves of snow have fallen and great sheets of ice have spread before our feet. In the thick of it, we were blinded by the frost. So, we turned to you for answers: What were you thinking? How were you creating form out of the blinding white winter?  

Now, finally, the cold weight of winter has lifted. The snow has melted. More than a few green stalks have shot from the soil. We are late on our promise, as usual. But in our defense, I pose this question: What better way is there to celebrate the ecstasy of spring than to honor the introspection of winter? 

Thus, we present the Winter 2023 issue of Pink Moth. It is cold to the touch and full of musings from a season that we have weathered bravely. Thank you to those that contributed their art. It is you that guided us from frost to thaw. May springtime blessings sneak in through your open window and unzipped jacket.  


Pink Moth 


Moon God

The Horizon sweeps forever (an illusion). Vast emptiness between Water, sky,...


I rush to finish my chores quickly So that I have time to stare off blankly—...