Scorpio Sonnet

by | Autumn 2022, Poetry

I will begin my singing at vespers1
With pen pressed to paper till it burst
Into stumbling verse of autumn-cursed colors
Yellows and reds 
                                Within these leaves I will immerse

My head 
                 Claiming acorns for my brothers
They never got the chance to split their heads
But are crumbling instead 
                                                  Beneath their fathers
Abominable empires2 
                                                  Outwardly led

By some once-beneficent spirit of the land3
Since she rode on by in summer-resplendent car
70 years agone 
                              Then rode out from human lands

O our fathers 
		               Born under a happy star4
O happy star to me is sorrily bland 
And I crave a deadlier pleasure
				                               Yellows and reds
1 Late in the year
2 Oaks
3 Summer goddess
4 Pluto was in the Summer signs from around 1900 to 1983