The Audacity

by | Autumn 2022, Poetry

The way a lad Sarah shifted
Pointed at her during Mr. Brightside
On the dancefloor at Garage
“It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss”
And she was flabbergasted
Still dancing beside him
Is the same way
Mom pays a euro to light a candle for Oma
At all the cathedrals we visit
Tiny flickers gasping in unison
“Destiny is calling me”
Beneath a Fresco that’s being ‘restored’
To the full glory of God
And she’s part of the contribution
Is the same way
Circles follow us, shifting, ovaling
Elliptical shadows
Preaching from the soles of our feet
“How did it end up like this?”
Catching us, shrinking
Then growing again as we move away
But we’re never angry
It’s actually a little bit comforting
To know audacity so potent
Will be there to hold us
Kiss us, restore us
Even for a moment
Of blissful humility
Mouth open wide